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Logging In For the First Time

Why Log In? 1. You can update your own membership information;  2. Your contact info is "automatic" when registering for events;  3. You can see the Member Directory.

If We Have Your E-mail Address

If you gave us an e-mail address when enrolling as an ASURA member at any time in the past five years, and if you know what that e-mail is, the following describes how to log in for the first time.
  • Enter your e-mail address in the box in the upper right corner - in the gold stripe. Leave password blank. Click on "Forgot password". Respond to the prompts. If the e-mail address you entered matches one that we have on file, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for logging in and changing your password1.
  • If you are sharing an e-mail address with a family member who is also an ASURA member: The only way to allow log-in for both is to have separate e-mail addresses. For the one of you who can't log in with the shared e-mail address -- follow instructions on the right (basically -- contact our office).

If We Don't Have Your E-mail Address Or You're Not Sure

If you are a member or past member who would like to log in, but you haven't given us an e-mail address or don't have an e-mail address or don't remember what address you gave us:
  • Contact our office. The office staff will be able to help. They can add your e-mail address, tell you what e-mail address we have on file, or assign you a bogus e-mail address and password to enable you to log in. 
  • After we've entered your e-mail address (real or bogus) into our records, you can log in, change your password1 (requires a REAL e-mail address), and make any changes you wish to your profile.
1We recommend that you use your ASURITE password if possible, or another secure password that you will remember.

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